Traveling solo is one of the items that are included in the bucket list of people who loves to travel. This is the perfect time for us to learn more about ourselves, discover the beauty of another place, and being independent. In this case, you sometimes think about not hiring a tour guide for your next trip to New Orleans. But, should you really do that? Here are the best reasons to determine whether you need a tour guide or not:

If you like to practice a language

If your goal is immersion with the locals, push yourself to communicate and operate without the assistance of a paid native speaker by your side.

If you need some quiet time to yourself

A great tour guide will engage their clients in New Orleans City tours on several levels more than only telling you the way towards a place. Usually, tour guides will use humor, conversation, and storytelling as a part of their assistance. However, if you want to be left alone for a couple of days or you feel antisocial, then having an enthusiastic tour guide won’t be the best option for you.

If you’re visiting a small place

If you are visiting a small place, then it’s reasonable not to hire a tour guide who will help you move all over the location. In this case, what you need to have is a bike.

If you don’t want to adhere to schedules

At times, travel is not about investigating history or sightseeing because it’s sometimes purely a time to enjoy and relax by yourself. If this is what you think about traveling, then getting a tour guide who will wake your from your hotel room’s balcony and force you to get up, get dressed, and go “enjoy and see” things is just counterproductive.

If you’ve planned a lot of activities

If you are heavily scheduled already, you should not add any sightseeing obligation in the meantime by employing somebody to assist you in packing more and more things.

If you like to travel alone

Traveling solo provides you several chances to interact with the locals in it enables you to wing it to a point that any tour guide might hamper. But in other areas has a security problem, a guide can give solo travelers some level of protection.

If you’re revisiting the place after using a tour guide before

If you revisit a place that you’ve already traveled before with a guide, it might be time to find your personal hidden treasures and venture out instead of having somebody to show you a map.

You love traveling loose without an actual agenda

If you love to travel in an open-minded and open-ended manner, employing a tour guide can actually hamper chances of encountering luck and spontaneity during your trip. Once you would want to try hanging loose, there is no one stopping you. You should do it since you don’t require anybody to assist you.